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Main directions:

  • ICT (mathematical modeling of technological processes and systems, decision-making support systems for industry, applied optimization problems solution, Web-applications and Internet programming)
  • Microelectronics (plazma, optics, circuit design)
  • Training (continuing education, distance learning)

Most significant completed projects of IT-park:

  • Software packages for multi-product plant management (ERP-MRP II class)
  • Optimization modules for various departments of a production organization Ц resource planning, production planning, loading of transportation facilities (trucks, trains and ships) and sales planning
  • Legal databases of Karelia: industry, construction, forestry, transportation, land and land management, agriculture, water management, trade
  • GIS atlases: administrative map of Karelia, White Sea environment, online meteorological data
  • Management information systems for higher education institutions
  • System for wireless Nanonet data collection
  • Applications of low-temperature plasma physics: water cleaning equipment and technology, plasmotrones in medicine and biology, highly efficient light sources
  • Distributed information and measurement system for optical spectroscopy research
  • Data Communication Protocol through Animation: visualization of a data communication protocol
  • Generalized electronic document distribution system for hospitals and other medical centers
  • Web-portal and analytical systems for monitoring and forecasting labor and educational services markets for Russian regions until 2015



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_Department of System Engineering

_Department of Education Technologies

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