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Department of ICT Projects

PetrSU-Metso Automation System Center Projects

Custom distributed software systems based on Microsoft .NET technology

Important aspects of software development are -- configuration simplicity, multiple language user interface support, support of windows and web-interfaces, user rights management and so on. To simplify and unify the process of software development, we have developed our own Framework as a set of applications and libraries, embeddable into Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 Application Development Environment.

Developing computer-based on-line simulators for process operators

A modern Process Control System (PCS) is a software and hardware complex, which consists of many components -- field devices and sensors, process controllers, operator stations, information servers and other. Process operators must be specially trained and have high qualification, because they are responsible for running the process correctly. This creates a need in training and retraining of process operators. One of the most effective approaches to such kind of training is using computer-based online process control system simulators. The main field of interest of the team is development of simulators to be used for process operators training. The control system is metsoDNA of Metso Automation Inc.

More information about PetrSU-Metso Automation System Center Projects


GIS - Center Projects

The White Sea's Environment Atlas

The White sea: topology map, depth, zoning; Environmental conditions; Biology of the Sea; Anthropologenic pressure and Ecology

More information about The White Sea's Environment Atlas

Map of Karelia online

Detailed map of Karelia. Administrative division (areas), a relief, cities, hydrography, авто and railways. Search of objects under the name.

Map of Karelia online. Sorry, Russian version only.



The Official Government Site of the Republic of Karelia

About Karelia; Symbols; Economics; Cooperation; Culture and Tourism; History; News and Events; Head of the Republic; The Legislative Assembly; Administrative, Executive and Judicial Bodies; Documents etc.

English version      Finnish version


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