St Petersburg technical fair
25-27 March 2015

Petrozavodsk State University took part in International specialized exhibition-congress «High technologies. Innovations. Investments» (HI-TECH)», which was held in Saint-Petersburg on 25-27 March within the framework of St.Petersburg technical fair – 2015.

On PetrSU’s view were presented 12 innovative projects, which participated in competition «The best innovative project and the best science and technical development of the year». Team of experts, which defined winners and awardees of the competition, went into projects of IT-Park and innovative companies of PetrSU in detail. Experts talked to each participant of the competition, finding out details of developments.

Active work was carried out also in the context of St.Petersburg partneriat - 2015: small enterprises «Nano-networks», «NanoPharm», «Nanoscan», «GIS-consulting» conducted meetings in matchmaking system with potential business-partners.

The Head of Directorate for innovation and production activity O.Y. Derbeneva participated in international conference-program of partneriat, which considered different aspects of resolving crisis problems by small and medium enterprises: new opportunities of approaching a market of Finland; export as a new driver of enterprisers’ economic growth; intercluster cooperation; international and interregional сoopetition. Development of these directions was considered through the prism of activity of just created Regional intergrational centre in Saint Petersburg. The same centre is planned to be created in Republic of Karelia on the basis of PetrSU. That’s why experience of St.Petersburg colleagues is very actual and useful for development of university’s entrepreneurial activity.

Traditionally the exhibition culminated in tabulation of the competition «The best innovative project and the best science and technical development of the year». PetrSU won 2 golden, 8 silver medals and one of the top awards – special prize.

In 2015 185 projects participated in the competition. Enterprisers and high institutes of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region, Moscow region, Stavropol territory, the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, the Far East, Belorussia and Ukraine became the laureates.

The expert committee noted high level of project and developments, presented by Petrozavodsk State University submitted for the competition in the current year.

The project of PetrSU’s small innovative enterprise "Nano-networks" Ltd «Safeguarding with the help of local system of point-to-point motion RealTrac in mining industry and in dangerous industries» was honoured with one of the top awards - special prize.

Innovative project of small innovative enterprise «SKB ATF» Ltd «Modular mini-farm of closed cycle for growing of quails» in the category «Technologies of living systems (biotechnologies)» became the golden laureate of the competition.

In the category «Environment and efficient nature management, waste processing » gold medal won the development of PetrSU’s IFEBS «Wood-cement material on the basis of wood-sawing and stone-working production waste».

Silver laureates of the competition became:
  • «Method of desynchronosis prevention in conditions of light pollution» (Institute of high biomedical technologies of PetrSU);
  • «New antineoplastic reagents on the basis of quinolone-N-oxide» (Institute of high biomedical technologies of PetrSU);
  • «Technology of modification of physical and chemical properties of micro and nanodimensional bioobjects in noble-gas plasma for applications in the sphere of medicine and pharmacology» («NanoPharm» Ltd);
  • «Laser holographic analyzer» («Nanoscan» Ltd);
  • «New type of quaternary ammonium salt as a perspective class of selective extractant of metals» (Institute of high biomedical technologies of PetrSU);
  • «Electrically insulated coatings for aluminium of different form, which provide exploitation in extreme conditions» (PetrSU’s scientific-research laboratory « Physics of the nanostructured oxide films and coatings »);
  • «Counter of number and biomass of fish on the basis of vision system» («Fish resources» Ltd);
  • «Industrial floating craft of high lifting capacity for fish-breeding enterprises» («Fish resources» Ltd).

The competition is founded by the Ministry of science and technology of the RF and has been held since 1998. As experts, who determined winners and awardees of the competition, were the specialists of the Federal state budget science institute «Scientific-research institute- Republican research science and advisory centre of examination» (RRSACE).

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Awards and achievements

  • Special prize, 2 gold and 8 silver medals at the competition "The best innovative project and the best scientific and technical development of the year".

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