The strategy of the innovation development

Innovation activity is the leading line of the development of the Petrozavodsk State University equally with educational and scientific activity. The university focuses on the implementing of the complete cycle of the creation of innovations: fundamental research – goal-oriented research - development work – invention – commercialization and transference of the elaborations and technologies – small innovation entrepreneurship – investment activity.

For more than 70 years of university’s activity formed a strong foundation for the development of scientific and innovative areas, which are defined by the institute of higher education as priority, taking priority areas of the development of science, technique and technology of the Russian Federation into account:

  1. Harmonious exploitation in the European North is related to the priorities of the PetrSU’s activity in the area of preparation of fully qualified engineers and technicians and development of basic sectors of the regional economy. This area is conditioned by the leading positions of PetrSU in the field of elaboration of Russian’s innovative solutions of rational development of wood, mineral, water, recreation resources and agriculture, introduction of resource-saving technologies, which is of particular importance for the development of the innovative system and is considered as a unified complex of multifarious aspects of nature management.
  2. The area of information and telecommunication and nano technology includes the complex of the scientific researches on creation and introduction in different sectors of the economy and the social sphere in the regions of Russia, the elaborations in the field of the approach of mathematical model of complex systems, network technologies, methods of network management, storage area networks, wireless data collection systems in distributed networks, automated information handling system and control system, systems of quality rating, software engineering, task-oriented CAD system (computer-aided design system), GIS (geoinformation) system technologies, computer decision-making system, informational and measuring equipment, designing and elaboration of nanocomposite materials, micro- and radio-electronic devices et al.
  3. The area biomedicine is based on the stable positions of PetrSU in the field of studying fundamental and applied problems in medicine and biology, integration with the systems of the Russian Academy of Sciences and branch science for the purpose of combined forming and development of fundamental scientific schools, applied science, innovative technologies , putting the results of research activity into practice. The area includes the complex of the scientific researches in the field of health and life quality, including simulation methods of biological processes and diseases, cell technologies (biological, pathological, microbiological, immunological, toxicological), researches in the field of biopharmaceutics and pharmeconomy.

The practical realization of the innovation development strategy in the main priority areas is accomplished within the framework of objective projects and programmes:

  1. The programme of the strategic development of the federal public budget educational institution of higher vocational training «Petrozavodsk State University» for 2012-2016: The university complex PetrSU in the scientific and educational area in the European North: the strategy of the innovation development»;
  2. The programme of the development of the innovative infrastructure of Public educational institution of higher vocational training «Petrozavodsk State University»: «The development of the geographically-distributed industrial and technological park of PetrSU at the base of innovative conveyor conception»;
  3. The integrated project on creation of high-technology production: The creation of the resource-saving production of environmentally safe transport and packing sets for the storage and transportation of the spent nuclear fuel in common with CJSC (closed joint-stock company) «Petrozavodskmash» under the decree of the government of the RF №218;
  4. The project on creation of the laboratory of molecular genetics of the innate immunity » under the decree of the government of the RF № 220 «About the measures to attract leading scientists to the russian educational institutions of higher vocational training»;
  5. The programme development of the activity of the students’ communities of the federal public budget educational institution of higher vocational training «Petrozavodsk State University» for 2012-2013: «The strategy of self-organization, self-development and self-actualization of the PetrSU’s student body at the base of the conception of «innovative generator» comprehensive development of students’ personalities and their composite integration into students’ community of the university in the direction «support and development of the innovation and production activity of the students».
  6. The strategic development program of the engineering center based on PetrSU for the period 2015-2019 years

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