New patents for inventions and useful models of PetrSU

Questions of problem-solving in the sphere of effective adaptation and development of home industry, considering risks and challenges under the conditions of market transformation, have been paid more attention lately. It is evident, that this problem cannot be solved without development intensification and introduction of new technical innovations, among which the main role play patent technical solutions (inventions and useful models). Home universities and their connection with industry have a specific role, when creating such solutions.

In 2014 Petrozavodsk State University obtained 11 patents for inventions.

Two received patents are dedicated to solving the problem of converted timber drying with the use of centrifugal action.
One invention is got for the method of tree felling and skidding using felling-skidding machine (invention patent RU № 2536627).
The transportation method of long goods by road train is taken out invention patent RU № 2530208.
One invention is meant for creation of wood chipboard with the use of adhesive composition with nanomodifier.
The method of creation of thick-section iron castings with spheroidal graphite protected with invention patent RU № 2510306.
With invention patent RU № 2536632 is protected the method of save areas keeping for line structures protection from trees and bushes.
The method of ribbon sowing in pits of forest seeds is protected with the invention patent RU № 2524942.
One of the received patents protects the method of meat and fish for processing preparation for their use in meal mixtures (invention patent RU № 2530512).
The method of inguinal nerves temporary translocation in radical operations of inguinal hernia is protected with invention patent RU № 2519442.
One more patent protects the clarifier of circular air filters (invention patent RU № 2520447).

The analysis shows, that 10 out of 11 received patents protect new methods and one patent protects the device.

The patents, received by Petrozavodsk State University, are aimed at problem-solving in different industrial and social spheres: timber industry and forest management (technical solutions for seeds sowing, converted timber drying,         wood chipboard production); mechanical engineering (Production method of the equipment for spent fuel radwaste storage); highway transportation; agroindustrial complex; medicine.

We can draw a conclusion, that effectiveness of PetrSU in the field of invention is largely defined by system work of structural departments of PetrSU in partnership with protection department of intellectual property and invention in the field of intellectual property objects organization and protection, that is confirmed by both the received patents and publications on problems under consideration.

According to the results of PetrSU joint inventors 31 patents of Russian Federation for useful models were received in 2014.

The fields of scientific researches, in which inventors of received patents for useful models worked, were very various. Analyzing these patents, the following fields of original developments industrial use were found out:
  1. Equipment and machines for forest regeneration, mainly for seedlings and saplings planting (7 patents): machine for logged area clearing before reforestation (№ 138170); machine for ground irregular microrises creation (№ 141061); planting device (№ 148183); planting holes formation device (№ 148208); planting device (№ 148211); planting holes formation device (№ 148434); seedlings container (№ 141062).
  2. Drills and increment hammers (3 patents): borer for wood research (№ 141050); increment hammer (№ 142442); lead drilling device (№ 142445).
  3. Equipment and machines for merchantable and energy (2 patents): feller-delimber-buncher with instruments for branches savings, pressing and strapping (№ 140300); felling head of timber harvesting machine (№141054).
  4. Equipment for wood debarking and centrifugal drying (2 patents): timber debarking and skanning device (№ 142441); wood centrifugal drying unit (№ 141169).
  5. Insulating board, chipboards and fibreboards (4 patents): insulating board (№ 138701); insulating fiberboard (№ 138680); wood chipboard (№ 137500); wood chipboard (№ 148212).
  6. Containers for storage and transportation of spent fuel and also moulds for their casting (4 patents): Containers for storage and transportation of spent fuel (№ 145052); compound block mould for large iron casting (№ 142795); mould for large body casting (№ 140968); compound moulds for production high-capacity cask bodies casting (№ 140969).
  7. Isolation valves (2 патента): wedge-gate (№ 142494); check valve with    magnetic actuator (№ 137589).
  8. Equipment for crushing-machine for disintegration of solid materials: beater (№ 141049).
  9. Equipment for agrotechnical complex (3 patents): drip watering device (№ 141048); module farms for quails (№ 136716); thermal probe (№ 145583).
  10. Equipment for tree and bush removal from linear structures: rotor of brush-cutting machine (№ 141057).
  11. Road trains: all-terrain road train with active semitrailer (№ 145392).
  12. Electrotechnical equipment: electromechanic compensator of reactive power (№ 145056).

The analysis demonstrated sufficiently broad range of PetrSU inventors work. Among the received patents for useful models, received by the university, prevail developments in the field of timber industry and foresty, and also in the sphere of atomic power engineering. It is stipulated by the existing departments of PetrSU, which are aimed at organization and protection of patentable subjects of intellectual property. Apart from that, they combine this work with educational work in the sphere of invention activity and patent branch.

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