Innovative infrastructure of PetrSU

Research institutes of PetrSU

  • The Northern Fisheries Research Institute
  • The Karelian scientific research institute
    on timber industry complex
  • Institute of historical and theoretical problems
    of folk architecture
  • Institute of ICT and Nano-Technologies
  • Institute of Environmental Management
    of Nordic Europe
  • Institute of High-Tech Biomedical Solutions
  • Nordic Research Institute
  • Institute of Continuing Education

Scientific laboratories and centres of technical faculties and institutes of PetrSU

  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Mining and Geology
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Physical Engineering
  • Institute of forest, engineering and construction sciences

Management of innovative and productive activity of PetrSU

The management unites departments and centres, which realize support and maintenance functions of innovation and production activity of PetrSU departments and small innovation enterprises.
  • Innovative projects and innovative infrastructure development department
  • Innovation and technology centres and small innovation enterprises activity coordination sector
  • Protection of intellectual property and invention department
  • Advertisement and exhibition activity department
  • Strategy planning department
  • Technology transfer regional centre
  • Consulting and examination process of innovative projects centre
  • Scientific instrumentation multiple access centre

Petrozavodsk State University
33, Lenin Ave., 185910, Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia
Tel: +7 (8142) 71-10-01, fax: +7 (8142) 71-10-00
Directorate for innovation
and production activity

31, Lenin Ave., Petrozavodsk
Tel: +7 (8142) 71-32-56