The Results of the International Programming Camp Were Announced at PetrSU

The Assembly Hall of PetrSU hosted the ceremony of awarding the winners and the prize-winners of the international sports programming camp.

The Assembly Hall of PetrSU hosted the ceremony of awarding the winners and the prize-winners of the international sports programming camp.

This time the camp gathered 26 teams from Russia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine and many other countries. During 9 days of the contests the programmers have been solving problems and honing their skills with a view to perform at their best at the ACM ICPC World Finals.

The Head of the Republic of Karelia, Aleksandr Khudilainen came to congratulate the winners and the prize-winners of the camp:

“I’m glad that Petrozavodsk State University has become the center of attraction for specialists in programming. Annually the geography of participating teams is expanding. This time we welcomed 56 teams from 28 universities of 11 countries. Almost the entire Europe is represented at the programming camp. This means that the programming camps are significant and prestigious events. I do not know where else, or which Russian university holds such high-profile camps. Programming camps of Petrozavodsk State University are the brand of both the university and the Republic of Karelia. I’m convinced that this camp provided you with opportunity to exchange your experience and find new friends. I wish you success and new achievements and victories at the World Finals”.

The Rector of PetrSU Anatoly Voronin announced the results and congratulated the winners: “The 31st programming camp has come to an end at Petrozavodsk University, which has once again become the training ground in the run-up to the World Finals. I am sure that the future World Champions are here. At least, we’ve made every effort to prepare you for this. I invite all of you to come to Petrozavodsk University this August and take part in the Summer Programming Camp”.

The winners and the holders of the Cup of the Head of the Republic of Karelia are the team of Moscow State University (Roman Gorbunov, Mikhail Ipatov, Vladislav Moiseev, coach – Elena Andreeva).

Mikhail Ipatov shared his impressions of victory: “Petrozavodsk hosts the strongest camp in Russia and in the world. Many champions have trained here. This time all the competitors are very strong. Even the acting champions have come here, as every programmer sees PetrSU camp as an essential part of training.

This is not the first time we win the contest. It feels amazing. Still we can’t compete in the Finals this year, as there are restrictions regarding the year of study”.

The second place was won by the team of Saint Petersburg State University (Igor Pyshkin, Aidar Sairanov, Stanislav Ershov, coach – Andrey Lopatin).

Andrey Lopatin, coach of the team of Saint Petersburg University: “PetrSU camps are the best in the world. They do not need any promotion. The strongest teams wish to come here; most finalists are participants of the camps in Petrozavodsk. This is the place where new ideas are discovered long before they are introduced at other contests. It can be said that the innovations are here. Petrozavodsk University itself is a breeding ground that trains first-rate programmers, who take the highest positions in rankings.

There are veterans in our team, two members have been champions. We are one of the strongest contenders for winning the World Finals. But this time we took the second place at the camp. It appears that we now have strong rivals. It is a young team, but they have taught us a lesson. Nevertheless the camp was a great training for us. Here we saw the mistakes we need to work on: we should organize our teamwork more efficiently, some problems are best solved together, while others can be solved individually.”

Team of Warsaw Univerity (Marek Sokolowski, Marcin Smulewicz, Wojciech Nadara, coach – Tomasz Kociumaka) took the third place.

The World Finals take place this May in Rapid-City (South Dakota, USA). PetrSU team will take part in the Finals.

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