Uniting Creativity

PetrSU hosted the final conference of the international project “Uniting Creativity” implemented since February, 2016.

Project, financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers, is aimed at strengthening economic cooperation and trade between Northern countries and the Northwestern Russia, as well as at successful internatiolization of businesses working in creative industries in the Baltic Sea region.

The final conference gathered the project partners, experts and specialists from different cities of the Northwestern Russia and Northern countries (Sweden, Denmark, Finland etc.). Among them were representatives of Petrozavodsk State University.

Director of Student Business Incubator Aleksandr Konovalov acted as the moderator of topical section “Innovative technologies in creative industries”, while specialists of the SBI Olga Shliburite told about the OOO Tsentr Molodiozhnogo Innovatsinnogo Tvorchestva (Center of Youth Innovative Creativity), which she leads.

The Center was established in 2016 with PetrSU being the sole establisher.

The Center of Youth Innovative Creativity is an open space where children and adolescents learn how to turn their engineering ideas into functional prototypes. Here, at no cost at all, young people are learning the newest technologies, such as digital production, modeling, prototyping and machine operating. The center has the up-to-date equipment and specialized software for virtual (digital) modeling, fast prototyping and producing unique samples of various products and devices: 3D-printers, CNC mill, laser beam machine, cutting plotter, 3D-scaners, and turn-milling machine.

Mikhail Kaminskas, electronics engineer of the Resource Center of Engineering Creativity of Students, presented his report “Internet of Things: Opportunities for Business”, the Deputy Director of the Regional Center of New Information Technologies, Director of OOO Internet-biznes-sistemy, Aleksandr Marakhtanov presented his report “Automation of Business Processes in Small and Medium Enterprises”, while specialist of the Department of Career Guidance, Natalia Kuznetsova reported on “Intellectual Challenges as a basis for Creative Model of Skill Development”.

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