Advanced Training in Timber Quality Control at PetrSU

Employees of the Institute of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences of PetrSU held lectures at the AO Kondopoga Forestry Industry for specialists in timber quality control.

The Head of the Department of Technology and Management of Forest Industry Complex Oleg Galaktionov taught the first 3-day study module.

Course listeners (controllers, foremen, analysts) work at the production sites of the AO Kondopoga Forestry Industry. The courses will provide them with knowledge of a more accurate assessment of the state of harvested and supplied timber, as well as help the specialists develop measures to improve timber accounting. A significant aspect of the course was the opportunity for representatives of different departments to directly discuss causes of discrepancies in timber accounting during the training.

The lectures were held at the AO Kondopoga Forestry Industry office, while the practical training took place on the territory of the lower warehouse in Kedrozero village. Excellent conditions for conducting classes and efficient study were provided for with the assistance of the organization management.

The experience gained by the tutors and the wishes of students will be used to improve and clarify the course content.

During the conversations with the specialists of the company, partners discussed additional areas for cooperation.

Advanced training was organized in the framework of the Boosting Forest Cluster SME Business in two Karelias project within the ENI CBC Karelia program.


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